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Linkable™ card linked offers deliver a top of wallet advantage

Linkable™ card linked offers drive your card to top of wallet by giving your cardholders simple and convenient savings linked to shopping with their credit or debit card. Linkable Networks delivers stronger customer relationships while generating increased transactions and interchange revenue.


Linkable™ card linked offers extend your brand beyond your branches and online presence

The Linkable™ platform turns online, mobile, email, print, TV, and radio ads into savings offers tied to the consumer’s credit or debit card and redeemed automatically when the card is used to make a qualifying purchase. Linkable™ card linked offers extend your Financial Institution’s brand by reaching cardholders during their everyday online and offline activities, outside your traditional touch points. Financial Institutions can now deliver innovative loyalty offers that reflect their cardholders’ needs and preferences and strengthen their relationship with their cardholders beyond their current reach.


Product and storewide offers provide more relevance to consumers

The Linkable™ platform includes an innovative, patented solution for enabling Linkable™ card linked manufacturer and merchant product offers, in addition to storewide offers. This creates a more robust and relevant user experience that further drives top of wallet and customer loyalty for the Financial Institution issuing the payment card.
Financial Institutions
  • Drive your card to top of wallet
  • Strengthen cardholder loyalty by facilitating saving
  • Grow commercial accounts with a card linked offer opportunity to help their business
  • Extend your brand beyond your branches and website